Meteorite Links

Meteorite Info/Pictures

Virtual Microscope – Another fantastic resource with fully interactive online panoramas of thin sections.

Photo Atlas of Meteorites (Thomas Witzke) – Well organized tables with categorization of meteorite classes.

Dweir’s Meteorite Studies – Excellent resource for a detailed scientific understanding of individual meteorites.

Dweir’s Links – List created by Dweir of meteorite websites.

Jeff Hodges Thin Section Art – Beautiful thin section art photographs of a large number of meteorites.

Tom Phillips Micrographic – Unique art photographs of meteorite thin sections.

John Kashuba Pictures – Nice images of meteorite thin sections and meteorite slices.

Neil H Buckland – Meteorite Panoramas of exceptional quality.

John Kashuba Articles and Pics – Meteorite Times articles by John Kashuba with pictures and descriptions.

Collecting Meteorites Thin Section Pics – Pictures of meteorite thin sections and animated gifs of cross polarization.

Jeff Barton Pictures – Meteorite thin section images.

Squatting Dog Thin Section Images – Meteorite thin section images.

Meteorite Times Magazine – Great resource with current meteorite news.

Agab Meteorite Thin Section Photos – Nice photographs of various meteorite thin sections.

Marmet Meteorites

IMCA Encyclopedia of Meteorites

Meteorite Search Database – Search all meteorites on the Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Utas Collection

J.M. Derochette

Meteorite Picture of the Day – Tucson Meteorites – Daily updates with pictures of all kinds of meteorites

Martian Meteorites Information

The Meteorite Exchange

Die Meteorite (Chondrite) und ihre Organismen by Dr. Otto Hahn – German to English Translation of the 1880 publication

Die Meteorite und ihre Organismen by Dr. Hermann Karsten – German 1881 publication

Über die in Meteoriten entdeckten Tierreste by Dr. D. F. Weinland – German 1882 publication