4x/0.25, A3550UPA CCD 5MP, chondrite, polarized, scope2, zerene stacker

Dhofar 535 Meteorite Thin Section

Meteorite Thin Section Dhofar 535

Dhofar 535

Thin section specimen of Dhofar 535 in cross polarized light. This meteorite has an incredible diversity of chondrules along with a beautiful array of colors. The meteorite is an ungrouped chondrite with numerous types of chondrules: Porphyritic Olivine-Pyroxene (POP), Porphyritic Olivine (PO), Barred Olivine (BO), Radial Pyroxene (RP), and Cryptocrystalline (CC). In addition, this meteorite is highly weathered (W5).

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