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Tissint Meteorite Thin Section

Tissint Meteorite Thin Section

Tissint Meteorite Thin Section

The Tissint Meteorite was the first Martian witnessed fall since 1962. It is also special because the meteorite may contain carbon which has a biogenic origin. Under cross polarized light, thin sections of Tissint are a beautiful rainbow kaleidoscope of color in patterns similar to other Martian shergottites.

Photos of the fragment used to create thin section from Mr. Meteorite:


Tissint meteorite from London’s Natural History Museum

There are plenty of good research articles on the Tissint meteorite, here are just two:

NanoSIMS analysis of organic carbon from the Tissint Martian meteorite: Evidence for the past existence of subsurface organic-bearing fluids on Mars

The Tissint Martian meteorite as evidence for the largest impact excavation

Full Screen Meteorite Thin Section Panoramas:

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