4x/0.25, achondrite, eucrite, LMScope, Nikon D810, polarized, scope2, zerene stacker

Sayh al Uhaymir 562 Meteorite Thin Section

SaU 562 Meteorite Thin Section

SaU 562 Meteorite Thin Section

SaU 562 is an unbrecciated eucrite with “approximately equal proportions of anhedral to bladed, white plagioclase (to 3 mm) and honey-brown, anhedral, granular pyroxene (to 1.5 mm) crystals.”

Interesting story about this thin section. I originally thought it was an unclassified eucrite; the label reads “Labenne Eucrite” and I was told it was unclassified when the thin section was made around 2009. After some friendly help, I discovered it had been classified as SaU 562. I was surprised to find that it was a eucrite which I had already photographed! However, this previous SaU 562 post was one of my first attempts at making a panorama, so a comparison between the old and the new reveals my progression of tools and technique quite well.

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