4x/0.25, calcium-aluminium-rich inclusion, carbonaceous, chondrite, CO, LMScope, named fall, Nikon D810, polarized, scope2, zerene stacker

Moss Meteorite Thin Section

Moss Meteorite Thin Section

Moss Meteorite Thin Section

Of all the classes of meteorites I have photographed, the one with the most out-of-this-world features is the CV class of meteorites. Every time I look at one in thin section I am just stunned at how exotic the material appears. But, in close second I would say is the CO class of meteorites. And the Moss meteorite is a perfect example. The thin section appears to have a wonderful intricate structure, with tiny inclusions and CAIs scattered among a bizarre black matrix. On second thought I may come back to this slide for a panoramic plane visible light image. There is a STRESS (Spatio temporal retinex-like envelope stochastic sampling gray-scale from GIMP) album in the gallery which I think shows many features that are faint and appear blacked-out by the matrix. The STRESS method has been used in astrophotography papers to reveal details hidden to the human eye in typical image files and I think it can be helpful here too.

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